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hand fed babies got some city paper love on their top 20 records of 2006. HFB_Live 2006 was chosen among some others for the list:


this live recording from the warehouse nextdoor was put out earlier in the year and is one of, i hope, several hfb live recordings that will come out on sockets. check it out if you want to... you can order it from it's scdr15.

hfb is finishing up a new album of material we've been playing live for a while now. we've got about four or five more tracks to record and will be finished soon. a possible hfb show is in the works for the beginning of feb. more details soon.

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kentucky 2

some good news this weekend: socketscdr will be putting out a Zs release. this will be a one-track release with original artwork by the band. sam hilmer of Zs called on saturday and things will be shaping up in the next couple of days. stay tuned. also --- aaron leitko's church clothes will be releasing a cdr on the label within the next few months. art, music and awesomeness in 2007. we are gearing up. sockets will be coming out the gate with the good stuff. more soon.

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so sleepy. last night was the first sound scene. i think it went well. tons of people and interesting stuff going on. fiona and rebecca played a wonderful improvised set and aaron leitko made this amazing 11pm soundtrack that was both beautiful and dark. chris grier nabbed the loud award for the night. i'm not sure when he doesn't nab that award. layne and i dropped the multi-speaker, audience-as-obstacle-and-participant sound composition. had fun but was way more tired than i wanted to be. working on the plain lace tape art. finishing MOTH releases and getting things in order for some events early next year.

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there are several new releases coming in the next few months. plain lace cassette release, plums live cd-r and an on-line compilation that should be ready sometime before the new year. i'm working on FFFFs recordings, hand fed babies are slowly recording our first full-length and i have been practicing with layne garrett for an upcoming performance at la casa in mt. pleasant, washington, dc.

this friday is SELAM. not to be missed.
djs kc, onis, bent, sean p and vico c.
friday night, december 8 @ 10pm-3am.
1524 u street, nw

*bring a friend. bring your dancin shoes.